Wyoming State Golf Association Junior Tour

The Wyoming State Golf Association is proud to present the Wyoming Junior Golf Tour (WJGT)
The Wyoming Junior Golf Tour was established in 2009 to give boys and girls of various ages and skill levels the opportunity to compete on some of the state’s finest golf facilities.

WJGT Junior Amateur
June 20 – 21, 2022
Riverton Country Club

Boys 15 – 18

Ryker Lind is the WJGT Junior Amateur Champion with a score of 142

Girls 15 – 18

Isabelle Salas won the Girls 15 – 18 Flight with a score of 164

Boys 13 – 14

Tate Nichols won the Boys 13 – 14 Flight with a score of 163

Girls 12 – 14

Molli Mulhall won the Girls 12 – 14 Flight with a score of 153 and is the overall WJGT Girls junior Am Champion

Boys 11- 12

Trevan Benson won the Boys 11 – 12 Flight with a score of 155.

Girls 8- 10

Palmer Mulhall won the Girls 8 – 10 Flight with an 18 hole score of 92

WJGT – Kendrick
June 13 – 14, 2022

Jackson McClaren was the winner in the Boys’ Division with rounds of 79 – 75 for a total of 154. Brock Owings tied for second with Garrett Spielman with 159 each.

Samantha Spielman won the Girls’ Division with scores of 80 – 72 for a total of 152. Isabelle Salas was second with 167 and Gabi Wright was third with 170.

Brock Ownings won the Junior World Qualifier held in Laramie with scores of 70 / 78 for a total of 153.
Ali Mulhall (right) won the Junior World Qualifier held in Laramei with scores of 79 . 76 for a total of 156.

2020 WJGT Tournament of Champions Three Crowns Golf Club

Sophie Spiva won the Girls 16-18 Flight with scores of 75 -76 to finish at 151. Sierra Brubaker was 2nd at 164 and Izzzy Laird finished 3rd and Libbiy Gardner was 4th.

Samantha Spielman won the Girls 13-15 Flight with scores of 84- 86 to finish at 170. Reese Bandemer was 2nd and Shelbi Gardner finished 3rd.

Kendall Gardner won the Girls 7-9 Flight

Ethan Cates won the Boys 16-18 Flight with scores of 73 – 68 to finish at -3 – 141. Ben Auer was 2nd at 153 and Tanner Warren finished 3rd with a 165.

Brock Owings won the Boys 13-15 Flight with scores of 75 – 80 to finish at 158. Isaac Schmidt was 2nd and Garrett Spielman finished 3rd.

John Spielman won the Boys 10-12 Flight.

2020 WJGT Junior Amateur Championship

Parker Paxton, after winning his flight in the WSGA State Match Play at the Golf Club at Devils Tower, was the overall winner of the WJGT Junior Amateur. Parker had rounds of 73 – 70 for a two-day total of 143. Iszac Bertagnole was second in the Boys’ 13 – 15 Division with scores of 76, 73 for a total of 149 and Ross Andereson was third.

Ali Mulhall was the overall champion of the Girls’ Division of the WGJT Junior Amateur with scores of 74 – 72 for a two-day total of 146.
Samantha Spielman and Erika Cook tied for second.

James Brayden  tied with Karsten Simmons for the Boys’ 16 – 18 Division with total scores  of 153.

Tate Nicholas won the Boys’ 10 – 12 Division with scores of 80 – 83. Braxton Costello was second with 87 – 89 and John Spielman was third.

Molli Mulhall won the 10 – 12 Girls’ Division of the WGJT Junior Amateur with scores of 90- 87. Camryn Wagner was second.
Palmer Mulhall was the winner of the Girls’
7 – 9 Division with a total score of 46.

Sophie Spiva won the Girls’ 16 – 18 Division with scores of 75 – 77. Maria Farnum was second and KarissaTranas was third.

2019 WSGA Junior Amateur Championship

(Right to Left) Blake Danni (Winner), Taj Sutherland, Russel Sprecher, Dominic Yates, and Hardy Johnson

     The Wyoming State Golf Association Junior Amateur Championship was held at Green Hills Golf Club in Worland on August 1 – 2, 2019
Blake Danni was the winner with scores of 68 – 66 for a two-day total of 134 which was 10 under par.
Taj Sutherland was second with a 141 followed by Russel Sprecher at -2 and Dominc Yates, even par, and Hardy Johnson at just 2 over par.
    Jocelyn Olson is the Girl’s Junior Amateur Champion after having a two-day total of 164. Abigail James was just 4 strokes behind with 168, and Sierra Brubaker was third with a scored of 171

(Right to Left) Jocelyn Olson and Abigail James

Right to Left: Parker Paxton (140) winner of the 13 – 14 year old boys division with Adam Russell and Brock Owings.

Tate Nichols won the 10 – 12 year old boys division and John Spielman was second.

Samantha Spielman won the 13 – 14 year old division and Katie Cobb was second.

Girls Junior Americas Cup

The 2019 Girls Junior Americas Cup was held at Bear Creek Golf Club in Murietta, CA. Wyoming was represented by  Ali Mulhall, Sophie Spiva, Kyra Sponenburgh, and Maria Farnham along with Captain Rachel Pearson and Assistant Captain Kelsey Fleener.

Boys Junior Americas Cup


The 2019 Boys Junior Americas Cup was heldat Blackhawk Golf Club in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Wyoming was represented by  Executiver Director Dave Snyderl, Captain Matt Ebzery, Ethan Cates, Blake Danni, Hardy Johnson, Parker Paxton, and Assistant Captain Dave O’Conner.

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